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Help with the Healing Springs Campaign!
"Healing Springs"
by Artist Scott Plaster

The spring house pictured here needs your help! As a part of the campaign, you can actually win the original framed painting by Scott Plaster! For every $10 you donate, you will earn one chance in a raffle to give away the original painting at the completion of the fund raiser. You can also buy prints and cards with this image to help in the effort. All profit will go toward the cause!

Healing Springs was discovered in 1885, and was originally called Thompson's Bromine and Arsenic Springs. The owner, Mr. V. Thompson launched an extensive campaign in 1886 advertising the water as a "medical beverage, performing miraculous cures." The present spring house built about 1900 is a replacement of an earlier spring house.

In the fall of 2013, during a storm, it was hit by a large tree that caused a significant colapse of most of the structure. Our goal is to rebuild the spring house in the orignal style. Everyone is welcome to come enjoy the healing waters!

Help us by donating to our efforts - Remember that every donation helps us get closer to our goal! Clicking on the green button below takes you directly to the fundraising site where you can make a donation to our efforts.

Click on the image below to go to the donation site, or support the cause by buying a print using the buttons below "Healing Springs" to the right. You can even send a FREE e-card to help us get the word out about the campaign.

Fly East Art Print by NC Artist Scott Plaster

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